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Which Program is Right for Me?


4 Month Metamorphosis is right for you if you’d say:


  • I want to drop pounds and see changes fast, AND I want to go deeper. With everything.

  • I really need a total life makeover. Not only do I want to drop extra pounds, curb cravings, and stop food-obsessive behaviors, but I also need a total overhaul in several areas of my life.

  • I just can’t seem to balance it all, and I’m so stressed out all the time that I’m not really enjoying anything or anyone at all anymore.

  • I need to get my groove back!

  • I need a lot of guidance when it comes to food.

  • I want to know more than the basics.

  • I want to discover why I feel stuck, uncover what is making me feel blocked.

  • I want to feel confident, competent, productive, energetic, peaceful, calm, bold, sexy, wild, free, and alive.  

  • I want to improve my knowledge in all areas of food – how to shop, what to eat, how to cook, what food does to my body and mind, etc. I would love to explore why I keep falling back into old patterns of self-sabotage and why I can’t seem to just do what’s healthy for me.

  • I probably do know what to do and what to eat to be healthy, but, why can’t I just stick to it?!

  • I want to feel safe sharing my deepest self, and I can do that one-on-one with a loving person who won’t judge me, will work hard with me, motivate me, and help me love and live again.



28 Day Deep Detox is right for you if you’d say:


  • I want to drop pounds and clean out my body. Fast.

  • I want to curb compulsive cravings and stop food-obsessive behaviors.

  • I want you to tell me what to eat and drink. I have no real digestive issues, so I’ll take your protocol and run with it. I’m a gamer!

  • I’m not interested in talking too much about how I feel, I just want to shed excess weight.  I really feel the core of my life's imbalances are with my body and relationship with food.



MetamorphoSisters is right for you if you’d say (in ADDITION to 28 Day Deep Detox and 4 Month Metamorphosis talking points):


  • I feel energized and nourished when I’m with my girlfriends listening, talking, and sharing; I want my healthy program to feel like a celebration, a party! 

  • I love being part of a group with shared goals - I am a social person and I love the power of community and connectedness with other women.

  • I don’t know if I’d follow through on making changes in my life if it was just me with a coach; being in a community of women would make all the difference in holding me accountable. I learn so much more about myself when I can hear others' stories, support others, and receive support from them.

  • I have women (sister, mother, BFF) whom I love and want to share healthy things with.


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