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Conversational Heart-to-Hearts

From me to you, voice to spirit, face to face.  

Meg/Ignite and Kristina/Embody announce their Costa Rica Retreat 2015 

SOULstice! Video #1 of 3. Moving From Dark Into Light...How Will You Burn?

The metaphor of dark and light can work for you in your life, as you enter the new year and work to manifest what you want. "What is to give light must endure burning" - Viktor Frankl What must burn in order for you to receive more light from the world? What and how will you burn, in a way that serves you, in order to be a light in the world? 

SOULSTICE! Video #2 of 3. How to Do Less + Gain More 

Doing less and letting go can allow us more feelings of abundance, and help us gain productivity where it counts. This video gives you a few action steps and tips to move you forward into less frenzy and into feeling more like yourSOELF: Spacious, Open, Empty, Light, and Free.

SOULstice! Video #3 of 3. How to Try Ease = Let Go of Overwhelm & Soften Into Freeing Focus

I'm feeling all spinny inside, like there's big pressure to let go of 2014 and welcome in some mysterious big-ness for 2015. Ahhhh! This video will address such oscillation between busy and calm, between full and empty. Loving you!


Soften into it and let it go. It can be easy, make you freer, and it can drive you crazy, so try these action steps to allow your own inner siphoning intuition to weed out that which does not serve you any longer. It is possible to experience laser focus and spaciousness simultaneously, for healthy tunnel vision...because...where attention goes, energy flows. Here's to feeling like YourSOELF: Spacious, Open, Empty, Light, Free.

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