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Embody Renegade Wellness

Weight Release for Women - A Radical New Paradigm for Transformation to Lighten Up & Let Go


So, what’s so different about the Embody Renegade approach to Wellness and Weight Release 

(and why don’t you just call it ‘weight loss’?!!!)

Come closer.  It’s all in the name.



You need to get out of your head.  Embodiment is the reclamation of paying attention, of taking notice, of listening to the voice of your BODY, her needs, and the colors of your emotions.  What’s going on in there?  When you can listen to your body without doubting yourself, you find all the things in you that you’ve been wishing you could have.  They’re in there already.  But it gets muddled.  We feel like we get mixed messages, and it’s confusing: ‘Ummm…my body is craving a chocolate chip cookie right now…so I need a chocolate chip cookie, right?!’  


Well, there is good reason for your chocolate craving!  And yes, with ERW program, you can have your chocolate, and it'll be better than what you're eating now, anyway.  I’ll help you learn what your cravings mean, and why they exist to communicate with you, in a good way!



(We hate our bodies...We love our bodies.  Or, at least, we want to.  Yo-yo.)  Yo.  Total confidence?  Praise?  Love-hate? Hate-love?  Apathy?  Denial?  Hostility?  Yep.  We are capable of creating such contention around our bodies that in the end, our bodies don't feel like a SAFE place to inhabit.  We want to escape them, to run away, LIKE WE'RE RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME.  Yet, your body is your HOME.  Your first home.  The only home.  To become embodied is to experience a HOMECOMING, a coming home to your body.  And you can say to your True Self, with softened chest and slow breath - Welcome Home. 


When I ask – ‘What does it feel like to live inside of your body?’ - does this question seem bizarre and crazy?  What could it mean?


This culture of non-stop rushing doesn’t encourage (en-COURAGE) honing our intuitive, body-listening skills.  The wisdom of the woman’s body gets buried underneath.  We feed our bodies foods with anti-nutrients and toxins.  We feed our heads with stress and shame and guilt, which dulls our ability to get quiet and listen to our body-wisdom.  Yet, embodiment is innate to women, especially in the form of intuition.  You are an intuition queen.  Want to feel that way?  ERW honors this truth and helps you relearn how to listen to the wisdom of your body.  You knew how to do it when you were a newborn, and a small child.  A lot happened in the years between.  You can reclaim what you naturally know how to do - listen to your body.  


EMBODIMENT is a reclamation of your unbounded, wild, native self in harmonious relationship with food and nature, love and sex, money and power, desire and sensuality, nurturing and mothering.

Embody yourself.  Feel your BEST.



The renegade often leaves the tribe she was born into, or was coerced into.  She can be viewed as the heretic,

the rule-breaker, and the wild one.  She does what she feels compelled to, regardless of what others may tell her she ‘should’ do.  To do this she must have fierce COURAGE.  


COURAGE comes from the word ‘couer’, for ‘heart’.  It takes great heart-strength to follow one’s calling.  There may be people along the way that don’t want you to change, that feel threatened by your seeking to better yourself.  Yet, I have a feeling that your true self, without editing or judging, is probably more brazen and bold than has been expressed.  I suspect that your true self may feel like a renegade if she were to fully express herself through you, and yet, in reality, this is just everyday, normal, natural you in your true form, uninhibited and unapologetic.  


ERW honors this and works with you to excavate your deepest courage, to lift it up, and let it be the guiding beacon with which you light your own path.  And it’s not that the renegade never gets scared or anxious…it’s just that she can bravely feel the fear and boldly go forward, regardless.   The old molds of yourself that you’re breaking away from?  …They’re the ones you don’t want, anyway.

Are you fearless enough to find out just how bright you can shine?



You don’t know how good you can feel.  Most of us have a set point from which we operate day in and day out, and it is not the set point of our optimal health.  We simply aren’t used to feeling incredible.  You don’t have to feel anything less than super vibrant, radiantly confident, boundless in energy, pain-free, and exuberantly sexy.  


You don’t know what you don’t know.  You’ve never felt how you’ve never felt, so…what is possible?  


ERW honors this and says –

Feeling good isn’t good enough; thriving is your birthright.  

What else is possible for you?  Just how far can you push the ‘I feel amazing!’ button?!



Heaviness.  In body or mind or spirit.  'Weight' refers to anything that bogs you down, that squashes your spirit, that staves off feelings of freedom and buoyancy in the world, in your kitchen, in your jeans.  Feeling fat - this is weight.  Feeling starved for affection and validation - this is weight.  And, ahem…stress, anyone?!  

ERW works with you to lighten the load you feel in all areas of your life – work, relationships, self-care or lack thereof – so that you can lessen the burden on your mind and body.  

Excess weight and heaviness of stressors are TOXIC, and they physiologically manifest as imbalances in your body, in your mood, energy, and quality of life and livelihood.  

ERW goes to the root of the causes and implements goals and action steps to free you from feeling trapped, stuck, immobile, and paralyzed underneath the weight of the world on top of you.  Together, we can free you up.  

Living underneath all of that weight…it’s not for you!  You don’t have time for that!  

What else is possible for you when you're feeling free?



Kristina, why not just say ‘weight LOSS’?!  Well, if you lose something, you never get to consciously and purposefully let it go, and consciously or unconsciously, you may go looking for it.  Release is about being intentional about ‘losing it’ - you have to give yourself permission to release the weight, on purpose.  Permission?  Sound crazy?  If you’ve spent the last year, 5 years, 10 years or more trying to lose that weight only to yo-yo your way through, maybe lose some and then gain it back, if not more…then it’s about more than just the weight.  

There is a whole system of beliefs you hold, and they may be in opposition to releasing what you need to in order to find your ideal weight for your individual body.  Yep.  

Sometimes that weight is ‘protecting’ you from facing something else, or comfortably keeping you from excelling to your true potential, true joy.  

Weight can be emotional and mental and physical, and when you’re consciously or unconsciously holding onto weight that wants to be released, you hold on and keep the weight on. ERW knows that the unwanted weight you carry will fall off

once you begin the ERW protocol.  

Choose to Release the Weight.  Everything has a way of feeling freer and lighter

when YOU do. Whew!  

What are you holding on to, besides those extra pounds?  Who are you underneath all of the weight (physical and emotional and mental) that you are holding on to?  

What is possible for you if you just release?!



Think back – has anyone ever regarded you as less than capable because of your being a girl?  Has anyone ever told you some quality of yours was super ‘girly’, implying that it was a weakness?  Do you ever feel held back because you are a woman?   ERW has a different viewpoint.  It is your feminine essences and behaviors and tendencies that are your greatest strengths.  Stop apologizing and start owning it.  

You are a natural creator, and you operate in cycles.  

You have no choice about that, this is the natural law.  

ERW creates transformation by working with and maximizing the efficiency of the natural proclivities of the DIVINE FEMININE, the natural ways that make women fabulously unique.  We use your essence of womanhood as the tools to guide your journey to healing.  As women, we embrace desire, sensuality, sexuality, communication, harmony, abundance, fertile potential, power, and beauty.  ERW helps you use these to get healthy.  

As women, we are whole embodiments of yin/yang, craving ritual & spontaneity at once, upheaval and stability at once, renewal and change and safety all at once.  ERW helps you use these to get healthy!  ERW invites you to show up in the world as you are,

a beautifully human woman.  

How BOLD can you be, mama?!


Radical New Paradigm

ERW is busting the old model of weight loss. After all, if it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good for you (at least in your health journey, I mean).  ‘The journey must feel like the destination.’  

a) ABUNDANCE: Embody Renegade Wellness does not believe in deprivation or struggle.  

This is about increasing abundance, opportunity, and joy.  Period.  You won't feel like you're missing out on anything.  Most weight loss approaches call for restriction, suffering, and overthinking.  That doesn’t work for us.  Life is to be enjoyed.  ERW asks you to let this be easy for you - We don't 'take things away' on your road to health, we add in the good stuff; we explore, we play, and we AMPLIFY.

b) BIOINDIVIDUALITY: BioIndividuality dictates what is going to work for you and you alone.  

BioIndividuality = One person’s present is another person’s poison; a food that helps me thrive may indeed be toxic for you, and vice versa.  Your ERW program will not look like any other woman's program; there is no one-size-fits-all.  Like your jeans and your genes, your ERW weight release program is entirely sculpted to YOU.

c) DIVINE FEMININE: Following the divine feminine lead means believing in sensuality, indulgence, intuition, and natural ease.  

You are not a man.  You have rhythmic propulsions, emotional cycles, tendencies towards inward and outward expression at different times.  Let these lead and guide your food choices, your exercise, your love habits instead of fighting them, and see how this can lead to optimal living.  Watch it happen.

I have done the research for you, have studied the science and physiology of metabolism and stress, the neuroscience of your brain and digestive system, of hormones and detoxification.  I’ve done that work for you.  

LET IT BE EASY. If you want to learn about your body to make conscious, deliberate choices about what you’re bringing to your mouth on that work, great.  Or, if you just want me to tell you what to do and eat, great.  

Either way, the plan that you follow is led by your needs, your tastes, your lifestyle, schedule, and your unique, female BioIndividuality.

d) REFRAMING: What you once thought was 'negative' or 'bad', can be reframed and actually work FOR you, in your favor.  

I can help you discover how STRESS and CRAVINGS may just hold the key to your ease and happiness. They are giving you messages you need, and in them, are the answers you are seeking.  This is a biggie.  How to get there?  Work with me.  


What else is possible for you?



Transformation happens when we let go.  Transformation literally means ‘to change form’.  This is metamorphosis, like the butterfly.  To move from one form (caterpillar) into another form (butterfly) means one must LET GO of the former self in order to become the new self.  

What could transformation look like for you? Who is the you that you can become?  

What else is possible for you?


Lighten Up

Because ‘I Am’ are the two most important words, for what follows them is true.  Think about it.  How do you view yourself?  With what do you identify yourself?  When we release the heaviness in our lives, heaviness of body and mind and spirit, there is a natural by-product, and it is FREEDOM.  We get so serious.  ‘Lighten Up’ is about finding the light that illuminates your joy and moves you upwards, forward, and onward towards the next level of progress and wellness.  To ‘Lighten Up’ means you can feel free, free of stress and heaviness, free to move more fluidly inside a body free of excess weight.  To ‘Lighten Up’ means you make room for more laughter, more inspiration, more actualization and realization of your dreams.  

LET GO of the Weight.  Everything has a way of feeling lighter when YOU do. Whew!  

Feel free to feel free.


Let Go

This is where Transformation happens, in the LETTING GO of what holds us back.  Letting go requires giving yourself permission for that paradigm to shift, for what you have known as once familiar, to change, to uproot, and to be reborn.  Can this feel scary to you?  ‘What if?’  Have you ever asked yourself that question, about anything?  Yes.  ERW takes this question and says go for it!

Brace yourself.  Then embrace yourself.

Embody yourself.

Surrender never felt so good.







You’re in your head too much.  Get out of your head and into your body.  Maybe your body doesn’t feel like a safe place to live, yet

it’s the only home you’ve got.  Let’s make it the BEST it can be.  It is waiting for you.  Welcome home. 



You’re a badass.  You hold a degree in Badassery.  You’re not afraid to break old molds of yourself; they’re the ones you don’t want, anyway.



Well, hell YES!  It sure beats feeling like crap!

You get well when you really ‘get it’, when you understand your body and ‘what’s going on in there’.  Some of that is through the hard facts of science – how food works in your body, why we eat this and not that, etc.  You’ll be empowered to make deliberate choices, not mindless ones.  

That’s what you want.



Heaviness.  Physical and emotional.  Anything that feels like too much.  Feeling fat.  Feeling overwhelmed.  And, ummm…stresssssss, anyone?!!!  Reframing these things undoes feelings of ‘stuckness’ (can stress be a blessing?), and creates leverage for real change.



To release means you’ve gotta let it go.  On purpose, with your permission.  Dig up those old beliefs and stories you’re telling yourself about who you are want what you can’t have and what you can’t be…it’s time to find out just how far you can push the ‘I feel Amazeballs’ button.  YES.  You can.  If you want it.  What else is possible?!



Women are different than men.  We work differently, we have different needs.  Because you want a program for Weight Release that works for you, as a woman, ERW believes that it's within the things that make you uniquely woman that

you'll find your greatest strengths.  No apologizing for it.  Ever.  


Radical New Paradigm

We’re breaking the old models of deprivation and restriction.  We embrace what’s working for you individually, how your head feeds yoru body and vice versa, and we don’t believe in ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, or behavior around foods.  Even cravings can be a gift.  Yep.  This is how we roll.  I’ll take you there.

Come closer.

I’ve done all the research for you, and I know what works.  It can taste good, be fun, and nourish your body’s systems.  After all, if it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good for you (at least in your health journey, I mean).  ;)   ‘The journey must feel like the destination.’ 

Hell, yes!

How bold can you be?  What else is possible?



Nothing less than magic.  Think of the butterfly.  Metamorphosis.  To move from the caterpillar to the butterfly requires letting go of the old form in order to become the new form.  Transformation is in the letting go.  Boom!


Lighten Up

‘Lighten up!’ Your sister may say this to you, or your co-worker, or your lover, or your mother.  They just want you to laugh more, live more, and not take yourself so damn seriously.  This IS possible, sister.  How?  Choose to Release the Weight.  

Everything has a way of feeling freer and lighter when you do. Whew!  

So, how bright can you shine?!   Are you ready to find out?


Let Go

Let it go, Let it go! Can’t hold me back anymore! Yep.  You just read that right.  There’s a reason that song became a smash hit in over 40 countries.  Think about it.

Surrender never felt so good.




Embody yourself. 

Feel your BEST.




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