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Nicaragua Retreat

February 4 – 9, 2018




Apoyo Lodge

on Nicaragua’s mystical Laguna de Apoyo.

hosted by: Meg Rima of Ignite Power Yoga Studio & Kristina Castañeda of Embody Renegade Wellness


“All journeys have secret destinations of which

the traveller is not aware”

– Mark Buber


What you expect, and will receive:

  • Vacation – A fun getaway with sun, relaxation, and exploration.

  • Retreat – Time to unplug from life as you know it, to focus on self-growth

             and self-care, nestled in the quiet seclusion of our own private,

                 eco-friendly retreat center. 

         What you didn’t know you wished for, and will receive                 (this is the stuff that amplifies this retreat into something extra special, taking it to the next level):

  • Seva (1/2 day) – Venture into the local Nicaraguan community to offer selfless service work                                         (Sanskrit 'seva'), fostering your spiritual growth while contributing to the improvement               of this local Nicaraguan community.

  • Culture – Immersion in local Nicaraguan flavor and lifestyle, a feast for your eyes into the natural,                                                  exotic grandeur, while embarking on colorful excursions                                               with your new like-minded retreat tribe.




You may be thinking - TELL ME ABOUT NICARAGUA!

Nicaraguaaaaaahhh, a country of paradox & contradictions:

         A place of staggering beauty, home to some of the most gorgeous and lush biodiversity                   on the planet – boasting tropical rainforests, thriving wildlife, dramatic flora and fauna,                  healing lagoonsand active volcanoes.


A country with warm climate and generous people, some Nicaraguans live a vastly different lifestyle than you, perhaps.  Theirs is a lifestyle healthily estranged from consumerism, and embracing of humility and simplicity.


Lake Apoyo is special! Its 23,000 year old large cauldron-like depression was birthed when a rare phenomenon occurred – a volcano imploded, collapsed, separating the ocean water into a new basin. The retained ocean water has become a bathwater-warm, mineral-rich lagoon known for its healing properties, and is surrounded and protected by the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve.


Apoyo Lodge is known for its conscientiousness and gentle footprint, as the boutique hotel successfully strives to integrate itself as part of the land itself, organically.


Laguna de Apoyo is the example of paradox and contradiction – wherein    the imploded volcano created a lake, we’re swimming to depths, hiking to                   heights in the clouds – the low and high, the water and fire,                the implosion and explosion. 




This is the 3rd retreat we’re hosting!  We’ve learned, invoked powerful transformation,

and witnessed powerful results among our retreaters. 

We’ve seen what works and what we love, and also, how we want to raise the vibration to deliver even more value, and elevate possibility. 

Want to be a part of it?


Our Mission: To provide an inspiring space for healing, transformation, and adventure to take place.


Sometimes, a retreat to somewhere else is exactly what it takes to:

  • Unblock what is stuck in your life

  • Unleash the courage you’ve been brewing

  • Release your true, bold voice with bravery

  • Move you beyond and into next level

  • Manifest the vision you’ve been conjuring

  • Calm down

  • Breathe again

  • Laugh more

  • Gut the clutter, internally and externally

  • Quiet the noise so you can hear your inner wise child

  • Realign with your intuition, the compass of your internal navigation system

  • Remember what you were born to do, and then set yourself up to do it

  • Answer the call with your YES

Q: What is possible? A: Anything, when you just say yes!


We’ve made it SUPER EASY for you!

We’re delivering an inclusive package that takes care of all the research and planning,

so all you have to do is 





  • 6 day / 5 night accommodations at Apoyo Lodge (double or triple occupancy)


  • Roundtrip transportation by shuttle to and from Managua Int’l Airport, Nicaragua (MGA) 


  • Cuisine of 3 fresh, organic, mindful, healing plant-based meals each day at Apoyo Lodge


  • Mineral-rich drinking water, coconut water, bananas, organic limes, herbal tea, organic coffee,             and heart-opening cacao elixir


  • Private access to entire Apoyo Lodge property, two-story lakefront yoga palapa (deck and balcony), outdoor rancho, and quiet beach + beach toys


  • Daily yoga option led by Ignite’s Meg Rima


  • Daily wellness workshop option led by Embody’s Kristina Castañeda


  • Seva! 3 options to participate in, subject to need of the community at the time of our arrival


  • Granada islands boat tour


  • Masaya excursion to artisan market and evening trip to Masaya Volcano National Park - Look down into the throat of the volcano where the hot magma/lava has risen from the chamber below ground!  Throw an intention in there while you’re at it!)


  • Volcano hiking, various trails. Trailheads located just steps away from Apoyo Lodge


  • Lagoon life in the healing, bathwater-warm, mineral rich Lake Apoyo


  • Permission to live it up, and live it down.  You can have whatever you like


*ALL ACTIVITIES are optional.  They are included for your pleasure, but if you'd rather spend your days basking in the sun and taking in all that magical mystical imploded volcano lagoon beach offers you, go for it.  

You're on YOU time.  Fully present to the moment and what your heart desires.  




Want MORE?


One of the best ways to explore the breathtaking scenery in Nicaragua is through the multiple adventure

tours available - Getting close to nature and experiencing wildlife, the landscape,

and the stunning surroundings happens locally.

Experience the beauty of Nicaragua up close and personal.

During your time in paradise you will have the opportunity to explore: 


Available additional activities and services:

  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

  • Zipline canopy tour

  • Surf day trip

  • Latin American dance lessons (Salsa, Bachata and Merengue)

  • Acroyoga

  • Fitness classes

  • Health coaching

  • Massage

  • Reiki


Not included in retreat:

  • Your flight - to and from Managua Int’l Airport, Nicaragua (MGA)

  • $10 entry fee - to Nicaragua upon arrival at MGA airport

  • Gratuity - for shuttle drivers (for the 3 round trip shuttle rides included in your retreat), and housekeeping and hospitality staff





$1300 per person: double or triple occupancy, private wash room 


Make it official. $400 deposit made here: link to Ignite’s site to make payment

Save $30 when you pay by cash or check.




You’re wondering about lodging accommodations, schedule, what to bring, etc?


Looking to go a day early or extend your stay? No problem… inquire with Meg or Kristina and we’ll arrange a great rate for additional nights.


Contact us!  We’re happy to answer your questions:


Meg Rima at | 608.386.7308  

Kristina Castañeda at | 563.543.5348



Have fun checking out their site!


 Commit to yourself!  Make it official here:





Upon your reservation, you will receive our key forms: Terms and Conditions, Waiver of Liability, and Retreat Enrollment, and Payment.


Upon confirmation, in the event that you do not have a traveling / retreat partner with whom you wish to share a room, we will be paired with another person of the same gender for double or triple room occupancy.


Commit to yourself!  Make it official here:

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