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What is a Health Coach?

I am the midwife to your motivation and inspiration, your accountability guide, your supportive confidante on your manifestation journey towards fulfillment of your highest goals, greatest joys, and biggest dreams.  I listen. Deeply. And together we tailor action steps that lead you to the fastest path for your greatest health, using whatever your unique, personal goals are. Your health coaching program, regime, and lifestyle mapping will not look like anyone else’s, because we tailor your program to fit your personal needs, tastes, and desires.   


Nothing is too great of a challenge to knock out.  Together, we rock the path to get you living the life you dare to imagine.  

What else is possible?


Dr. Oz, in this video below, talks about the value of health coaches and how they bridge the gap in today's broken health care system.  Click this link to watch an awesome Dr. Oz interview with Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Eye-opening and inspiring!  --> The Value of Health Coaches 



How is a Health Coach different than a therapist or counselor (mental/emotional)?

What I do NOT DO: I do not give advice.   I do not sit passively.  I do not allow your words to fall flat, without a uniquely tailored action plan for real change. 

What I DO:  I take the BFF role to the next level.  And I get things done for you, with you, considering every aspect of your life.  I become your mirror, reflecting back your true Self that comes out when you feel safe.  I facilitate transformation in you.  Fast.  What I do is listen actively and deeply, inbetween the lines, without judgment and with love and empathy, and ask questions to encourage and draw out your own innate, intuitive wisdom, upon which we call on to co-create your action steps.  We work to eliminate the mental and emotional WEIGHT (stresses) that promote (unconsciously or consciously) your physical-weight-related challenges.  Together, we get clear on what’s really going on with you in body, mind, and spirit, and then make a blueprint of doable action steps that realistically fit into your lifestyle.  I do love you, and I do let you know it.  


How is a Health Coach different than a doctor or nutritionist (body/physiology)?

What I do NOT DO:  I do not diagnose.  I do not prescribe pills.  I do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all-symptoms’ anecdote.  I do not get paid by a supplement or diet shake company for endorsing their products to buying clients.  And I do not leave your questions hanging and only partially addressed, while rushing out the door and leaving you confused, frustrated, and not heard.  

What I DO:  I do help you use real, whole food as healing medicine.   I help you understand what to eat, why to eat it, and how to make it happen. I do back up my protocols and recommendations with sound medical research.  I do look at the hard science of your digestive physiology, your hormones, your unique body chemistry, composition, and constitutionI do offer you as much or as little of the science background of how your body works and WHY foods make you feel the way you do.  

After I understand who you are and what makes you tick, together, you and I, make a food plan for what works for YOU.  I do make recommendations for what to eat, how to eat, and how to makeover your life, all in support of your personalized food plan.


Where is the overlap between therapist/counselor & doctor/nutritionist?

I’ll look to my buddy Deepak Chopra to sum it up: ‘The body and the mind are inextricably linked.  There is nothing like the mind to heal the body.’  I know that the real reason you’re in the condition you’re in when you come to Embody RenegadeWellness is because of a combination of BOTH your mental/emotional/thought habits AND your body/physiology and FOOD life.  


In your own Embody Renegade Wellness health coaching program, you learn to create a healthy relationship with food, make deep peace with it, and yourself.  True healing happens on all levels and in all areas of your life.  

This is when the freedom enters.   Imagine how much time you’ll have when you’re no longer obsessing about food and body-hate for 85% of the day?  What could this give you in terms of time to take care of yourself, to do more of what brings you pleasure, to spend with loved ones being truly, fully present?  Imagine how much less you'll actually even feel like you need a therapist or doctor, ever, in your life...!


No more suffering around food.  No more shame and guilt around food, no more food-thought clutter, no more out of control cravings and mindless addictions dictating your impulses.  You are already whole, yet, do you feel whole now?  You are transformed when the alignment of what you are meets how you feel.  In all areas of your life – work, marriage, movement, family, friendship, passions – you experience the spaciousness of true joy like never before.  


What else is possible?  

And, I don’t want you as a repeat customer.  I want to empower you with tools it takes to maintain the Embody Renegade Wellness healthy lifestyle habits, as they are sustainable for the rest of your gorgeous, loooooooong, resplendent life!


Make up your mind to reclaim your body.  This commitment takes care of the rest.  


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