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Why Choose ERW?


Why does Embody Renegade Wellness care?  


I’ve been there.  My name is Kristina.  I’m a Recovering Sugar Addict, food abuser, overeater and binger, self-shamer, deprivation taskmaster, and orthorexic.  I have lived my own story of suffering with food.


And...I have come out on the other side.  Through many years of tenuous trials and courageous plummets into finding solutions, I  have found the answers, and I know what works.  I can help you, too.  


You may be asking - How do I know if ERW is right for me?  



You’re in the right place if:

  • You feel like you know what you 'should' eat and 'should not' eat, but time after time, you’ve not been able to make healthy habits stick.  

  • You say, ‘I’ll do better tomorrow’ or ‘next week’ or ‘next year’, only to find that you know the pattern all too well of making a bit of progress for a few days and then sliding back into what feels like self-sabotage, sometimes feeling worse than before.  

  • Your body doesn’t feel light, it often signals to you that something isn’t right, and so you may have symptoms such as weight gain, headaches, gas, bloating, cramping, joint pain, skin issues, brain fog, anxiety, and irritability.

  • You feel confused by all the contradictory diet fads and just want to know what works for your body and your genetic makeup and your beliefs and your lifestyle.  

  • You feel overwhelmed because to get where you want to be...well, it just feels light years away...that when you imagine how you could possibly make such an overhaul in your life, it feels too big and overwhelming.

  • You want a way to break down your getting-healthy-and-happy-plan! into manageable and doable, practical and fun, bite-size chunks that will guarantee your success.

  • You don’t have time to waste anymore on a plan that won’t work for you.  You just don’t have time for that!

  • You suffer from out of control cravings and feel like you can’t get ahold of your eating feel CRAZY around food, and you want to take back the power it has over you, and just feel normal once and for all (especially in the staff lounge on donut-Fridays and at potlucks near the dessert table and in your kitchen with the cabinets open at 10:30 pm).

  • You're tired too often, too much of the day, and look to sweets & caffeine to boost you up when your energy lulls.



Girlfriend, it’s not about willpower.  


There are very good reasons you eat compulsively, binge…there’s great physiological reason as to why you seem to mindlessly sleepwalk to the freezer at 9:30 every night and reach for the ice cream when you wish you were being a ‘good girl’ instead.  Yuck.  

No more shame!  No more suffering around food!  


Let’s do this.  You got this.  



Complimentary Breakthrough Session?  It’s FREE?!

Yep.  Free 45 minute health history consultation.  It’s like a blind date, or a mutual interview.  Only the focus is solely on YOU.  When was the last time that happened?



My Type of Woman

Just so you know ahead of time, I'll let you know now.  Because both you and I don’t have time to waste on something that isn’t going to work…and I fall in love easily...sooo, we’ll see if we’re right for each other.


What’s my type?  

An open woman ready for fierce change, ready to leave behind old patterns, to LET GO of old beliefs about herself that aren’t serving her.

I am ready for a committed woman who knows she deserves the body and the food-peace-of-mind she

most desires, and she is READY to take action, even if she doesn’t know how.



That’s what I’m here for, to help her (YOU!) get the ‘know how’.  


Can this be intimidating?  Scary?  Sure, and those feelings are normal!  The smart woman is strong for acknowledging these feelings of gorgeous vulnerability!  And yet, pulsing underneath those feelings she feels a calling to become her most brave, bold self.  Are you ready to answer this call, that voice inside of you that knows there must be more...or, at least, do you WANT to be ready?  


(Breathe.  Drink some water.  Cue the music.)




At Embody Renegade Wellness, I work with women who are brave enough to feel the fear and BOLD enough to

move forward anyway.   Because you are Woman, this is YOU.   

What else is possible?!


(Oh!  And when we meet, ask me about the Wine, Whine, & Wine factor, the deciding factor to whether or not we go on a second date).   ;)



I don’t know if I can afford this…

I get it.  So I ask you this:  Can you afford not to afford this?



There are a million things on your mind.

There are a million different approaches telling you how and what to eat.  You’ve tried to figure it out on your own, and after years and years of cycles of progress and the slippery slope back into seeming self-sabotage, you are still where you always were, longing for a ‘magic pill’ sort of remedy.


But you know better.  You know there isn’t a magic pill and if there was one, you wouldn’t take it because you know that’d just be creepy and screw up your body and mind more than ever.  You're intuitive, you're this self-aware.  


The rainbow is: You can tell yourself a different story --> this one: Together we figure out what works for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle, fitting YOUR schedule and YOUR physical and emotional needs.    


I can help you.  Let it be easy.


You make this investment in yourself openly choose ERW because I’ve already done the studying of the science of the digestive system, the microbiome of your gut, the neuroscience of the brain, of stress, of hormones…Wellness is about feeling good all around, so that means you gotta ‘get it’.  I am a super science nerd about how the body works, but I’ll break it down into easy to digest nuggets.   


Why bother knowing how my insides work, you ask?  You don't have to know, but if you want me to illuminate the path of your digestive highway, I'm all yours.  Why?  Helps with your Stick-To-It-Ness.  I don’t want you to be a repeat customer for the rest of your life, you know?  


I’ve done the legwork for you to know what works, an we'll tailor everything custom style to you and your personal values and desires, so all you have to do is show up (really show up, full self), do the work towards progress, enjoy the process, and be gentle on yourself (I help you with that, too), so you can stop fighting, shaming, and obsessing, and just focus on getting healthier and healthier.  

Sound good?  Take it allllllllllll.  It's yours. 


Feel free to feel free.


Results, Kristina.  I want RESULTS.  What can I expect?


Friend, dear sister, I tell you…if you show up, really show up and do the work, openly, in service to your highest self and most sacred body, this is what you will discover to be true for you:

  • You will release excess body weight.  Fast.  Up to 7 pounds in the first 7 days of detox.

  • You will release excess stressors and stresses.

  • You will stop suffering and struggling with food – no more cravings, no more binges, no more punishing yourself with starvation…no more shame, no more guilt, no more judgment.  Big.  Deep.  Breath.

  • You will experience deep peace and relaxation around food.

  • You will stop eating compulsively, out of boredom, out of anxiousness, out of stress.

  • You will begin eating with deliberation, with joy, with total satisfaction and satiety, feeling grounded, nourished, and satisfied before, during, and at the end of, and after a meal.

  • You will know what true hunger feels like, versus emotional hunger, and will be able to recognize the difference, and know what to do to take care of each need – both body and emotional hungers – so your health isn’t sabotaged.  

  • You will conquer cravings, obsessive compulsions, and addictive behaviors WITHOUT FEELING DEPRIVED! …And you’ll learn that they are not due to a lack of willpower, and how they’re actually a biological and femininely natural gift, and what to do to address them safely.

  • You will experiment with food and lifestyle tweaks to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

  • You will invigorate your kitchen with joyful strides, igniting efficient momentum with your new cooking and food preparation savvy, reaping sensual joy and raw fun from the process.

  • You will experience alleviation from symptoms that once plagued you – from headaches to bloating to anxiety and depression.

  • You will reconnect with your body, learn to feel SAFE inside your body again, like a newborn.

  • You will learn what it means to ‘inhabit and live inside of your body’ and how to get out of your head and get out of your own way.

  • You will find yourself with a lot more time to do what you love, and so, more time to give love to your loved ones.

  • You will adjust your schedule to meet your new lifestyle habits, and find that life is actually easier because of it.

  • You will be free from old habits, unhealthy compulsions, and negative self-talk and thought patterns that were holding you back.

  • You will adopt new, innovative healthy habits, healthy ‘addictions’, positive self-talk and health-affirming thought patterns that will take over your mindset naturally and gracefully, without having to ‘try’ too hard, without having to 'remember' to act a certain way…it will become naturally integrated into WHO YOU ARE and how you think, feel, and act.

  • You will feel more alive and joyful, more confident and grateful than you have ever felt.

  • You will inspire others simply by the example you set, simply by living the way you do.  They will notice the shiny new vibrance emanating from you effervescently.  You will shine your bright light, thereby giving others permission to shine their own bright lights.  

  • You will find yourself laughing more.

  • You will find yourself apologizing less.

  • You will learn when and why to say No!

  • You will learn when and why to say Yes!




My own past is a story rife with the shame and self-loathing that I tried to stuff away with food.  You don't have to live this way. There is a greater JOY that awaits you once you've freed up all that space inside your head and heart.  You can feel better than you've ever felt, better than you ever thought was possible.  Ever.  


So, how does this feel to say out loud (go ahead, announce this out loud, see if it feels right):  'YES!  I’ll have some of this feel-good juju, yes.  Please and thank you very much!  I want it.  And I deserve it.  I'm ready.  It is mine.'


Click here to CONNECT for your FREE Breakthrough Session.  Let's play.  





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