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What's In a Name?

I carefully and mindfully chose these words to represent my work - Embody Renegade Wellness - Weight Release for Women - A Radical New Paradigm of Transformation to Lighten Up and Let Go - and here I break them down and share why they're my key word players.  

Get ready for a little poetry and girl talk.

What Is a Health Coach?


Click on the photo to the right and I'll share how a health coach is different from a doctor or nutritionist, different from a therapist or counselor, and just what a health coach provides for her client.  


Also, Dr. Oz, in this video below, talks about the value of health coaches and how they bridge the gap in today's broken health care system.  Click this link to watch an awesome Dr. Oz interview with Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Eye-opening and inspiring!

Why Choose ERW?

Let me share what ERW, specifically, could do for you, and why my approach is different from others.  

Are you ready to discover what else is possible?  

To discover just how incredible you can feel?

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